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Class: jQuery.pidCrypt
Encrypt form values using RSA and AES
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#jQuery plugin to impliment RSA public key encryption Utilizes the pidCrypt libraries for client public key encryption while the associated PHP class uses OpenSSL to generate the necessary private/public key pairs used by this plug-in Fork me @ ## REQUIREMENTS: * jQuery libraries (required - * pidCrypt RSA & AES libraries (required - * jQuery cookie plugin (optional - * OpenSSL < 0.9.8 * PHP < 5.3 * A modern browser (doh!) ## FEATURES: * Multiple key support * AES-256-CBC encryption of all keyring data * Modal window dialog for selection of appropriate keyring entry when multiple keys exist * HTML5 localStorage support * HTML5 sessionStorage support * Cookie support * Debugging output ## SCREENSHOT: Here is an screenshot of an impelmentation bound to a form with multiple public keys forcing a modal window pop-up along with debugging output at the bottom showing the encrypted public keys stored within the HTML5 storage options. ![jQuery.pidCrypt]( ## OPTIONS: * appID: Optional CSRF token * storage: HTML5 localStorage, sessionStorage and cookies supported * callback: Optional function used once server recieves encrypted data * preCallback: Optional function to perform prior to form submission * errCallback: Optional function to perform on errors ## EXAMPLES: Here are a few usage examples to get you started Default usage using HTML5 localStorage ```javascript $('#form').pidCrypt(); ``` Default Using HTML5 sessionStorage ```javascript $('#form').pidCrypt({storage:'sessionStorage'}); ``` Default using cookies (requires the jQuery cookie plug-in) ```javascript $('#form').pidCrypt({storage:'cookie'}); ``` Example of using the callback method to process server response ```javascript $('#form').pidCrypt({callback:function(){ console.log(this); }}); ``` Example of using the preCallback method to load a function prior to form submission ```javascript $('#form').pidCrypt({preCallback:function(){ console.log(this); }}); ``` Example of using the errCallback method to load a function on error ```javascript $('#form').pidCrypt({preCallback:function(){ console.log(this); }}); ``` Example of enabling a custom CSRF token (sets the X-Alt-Referer header value) ```javascript $('#form').pidCrypt({appID:'<?php echo $_SESSION['csrf-token']; ?>'}); ``` Author: Jason Gerfen <> License: GPL (see LICENSE)